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The BlockChain

The poem ”Ledger of trust” describes blockchain as a digital ledger that uses cryptographic keys to secure data. No single entity controls this decentralized network, and truth is guaranteed, with transactions being immutable and transparent. It highlights smart contracts as a key feature, representing blockchain as a reliable tool where trust is a commodity.

Ledger of trust

In a realm of bits and bytes, where trust is a climb, A blockchain emerges, a ledger in prime.

It’s a chain of blocks, not of concrete or stone, But of digital data, securely sown.

Each block contains transactions, a tale to unfold, Immutable, transparent, a story to be told.

Decentralized it stands, no single hand in control, A network of nodes, a democracy of soul.

When a block is sealed, through consensus it’s won, By miners or validators, a race that’s never done.

Cryptographic keys, a lock and a key, Securely embrace each block in unity.

No alteration allowed, no deceit to conspire, For the chain is a truth-teller, a digital squire.

Smart contracts within, self-executing and wise, Code written in stone, no room for lies.

So in the world of bits, where trust is a quest, Blockchain reigns supreme, putting doubt to rest.

A ledger of trust, transparent and free, In the kingdom of blockchain, where truth will always be.

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